Review: "Music Is the Star in 'Memphis'"

Zack Desantis, Correspondent, Reading Eagle

I walked up to Genesius Theatre's free encore performance of "Memphis" expecting a small stage with a few attendees and was pleasantly surprised by a full-scale production. Located in the sprawling courtyard between Penn and Court streets, the backdrop of empty office buildings created a perfect urban amphitheater. A portable stage was positioned in front of the empty office buildings off of Penn Street while a few hundred theater fans sat in folding chairs watching the show.

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Review: "Genesius Theatre Presents the Moving & Funny Musical: Fun Home"

Jason Hugg, Reading Magazine

Genesius Theatre presents the emotional powerhouse “Fun Home”, the Tony-winning musical based on Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir. The innovative musical follows Bechdel at three stages in her life as she grows and grapples with her uniquely dysfunctional family, her sexuality and her father’s secrets. The book and lyrics are by Lisa Kron, most notably a performer and playwright who wrote Well,...